My Credentials!

So I just realized that not everyone on the inter webs know who I am! Haha, nobody special but I figure since I have a fitness blog I my as well share my credentials:

I have been a sports athlete since I was young, and with personal fitness training as my career, I’ve tried many type of sports, fitness plans and activities, powerlifting being my favourite! Week to week, squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting for strength has become the most rewarding skill I have yet to discover. Ultimately, powerlifting keeps me on track and makes me a better person each day. I am going on 8 years of being a personal trainer and sports nutritionist. I coach competitive powerlifters, bikini/figure athletes, soccer and gymnastics. I am married to Kyle Rozendal, we are both competitive powerlifters, on team Boss Barbell out of San Jose, California. AND I am a new mommy to Kyle Jr.

CrossFit – United States of America – 2012
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (San Diego, CA – September 2012)
CrossFit Endurance (Newburyport, MA – June 2013)

Alberta Gymnastics/NCCP – Edmonton, AB – Canada – 2013
Gymnastics Level 1 Artistic Coach (CC# 5629040)
Trampoline Foundations

Alberta Soccer/NCCP – Montreal, QC – Canada – 2012
Soccer for Life Coach (CC# 5629040)

Agatsu – Montreal, QC – Canada – 2012
Kettlebell Instructor

ACS Distance Education – Australia – 2011
Sports Nutrition Specialist

Maureen Rae Yoga Studio, Winnipeg, MB – Canada – 2009/2010
Fitness Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Module 1 & 2)

Can-Fit-Pro, Edmonton, AB – Canada – 2009
Group Instructing Specialist Certificate

NAIT, Edmonton, AB – Canada – 2009
Nutrition & Weight Management Certificate

Can-Fit-Pro, Edmonton, AB – Canada – 2008
Personal Training Specialist Certificate

International Career School Canada, Westmount, QC – Canada – 2006
Business Management College Diploma

• Fully Bilingual
• Canadian Red Cross, First Aid & CPR
• Registered Alberta Soccer Referee
• Wall Climbing and Belaying Certified
• Kinesis Certified
• TRX Suspension Training Certified
• Keiser Spin Certified
• Making Ethical Decisions (Community & Competition Level)
• Bikini, Fitness and Figure Posing NPAA Seminar

That’s me, Claudia Rozendal 🙂


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