3 Of The Best Infused Water Recipes

Infused waters are great for so many reasons. Flavoured waters can entice those whose palettes yearn for sugary beverages, while also giving our bodies a boost of vitamins. The fact that they are gorgeous pops of colour in our glasses doesn’t hurt either. So give your water a makeover with one of these 3 infused water recipes by Michelle Phan. Oh so delicious!


Strawberry and Cucumber Water

The perfect blend of crisp, cool and a hint of sweet. Infuse this drink 4 hours in advance for maximum flavour and benefits. The strawberries and cucumbers help detox, fight carcinogens and have anti-aging properties.

1 cucumber cut into slices
1 cup of strawberries, either cut in half or into fourths.
Ice cubes
1/2 gallon pitcher


Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon Water

The most refreshing blast of citrus to start your morning. Lemon water is all the rage, but why not add a little more tart for your tastebuds. You can squeeze a little juice into the water and then soak additional pieces for added flavor. Infuse for 2 hours and enjoy.

2 lemon sliced
2 orange sliced
1 large grapefruit
Ice cubes
1/2 gallon pitcher


Blueberry and Mint Water

Think a heavy dose of antioxidants with this berry and mint cooler. It’s another great detox drink that has a fresh aromatic finish thanks to the mint. To make this one even more exciting, you can mix it with a sparkling water for a bit of bubbly.

1/2 a cup of mint leaves
1 cup blueberries
Ice cubes
1/2 gallon pitcher

The best part? Once the water is all gone, you can eat the remaining fruit!

What’s your favorite infused water?


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