Baby Led Weaning


I want to make sure I document this experience for the next one! Baby led weaning is essentially allowing your baby to feed themselves, and to learn to chew before they swallow (opposite of spoon fed purees). I’ve really enjoyed it as an activity, not necessarily relying on it as a main source of nutrition; this early (6 months) babies get all the nutrition they require from breastmilk or formula. Here’s how I started:
1. Thick rice cereal. I would put some on a spoon, place it in front of his face and let him take slide some into his mouth with his hands.
2. Avocado. Puréed, same technique as above.
3. Sweet potato, steamed and mashed with a fork. Placed chunky mess on tray in front of him and let him grab and eat.
4. Peas. Same technique as above.
5. Banana. Poked with a fork all ways on one side so he can pick it up and take bites.image
6. Steamed baby carrots. Same technique as above.
7. Slices of avocado.
8. “Strings” of chicken breast, peeled along the striations.

Frequency: Tried each step/food for 2-6 days, it’s recommended to stick to one food for a couple days to test for a reaction. For the first 2 weeks, we “fed” once a day in the late morning when he was not too hungry or tired. Then, we added in another food before his bedtime routine – a bath afterwards is ideal since this process can be quiet messy!

That’s pretty much my progression! It’s working great, now we just need more than 2 teeth!


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