Early Start to Mind & Body Wellness + 2 Breathing Exercises

While I am enjoying every breathing moment with my baby, I eagerly await the day when we can walk together, talk together and do yoga togethr! Yes- yoga!  Developing a yoga program for children that is fun, inclusive, and has a balance of physical movement and mental and emotional awareness will encourage children to fall in love with this ancient practice, and create a loving relationship with their bodies. By engaging in play-based free form yoga, children are able to better develop they creativity and problem-solving skills while building character and self-worth. Creating the space for this development will ultimately allow children the freedom to experience joy 🙂

My game plan for now, will be to do a couple postures beside Kyle Junior every morning, and hopefully, soon enough he might join in!

Here are 2 breathing exercises, suitable for all ages, that I cannot wait to teach him. I’ve used these in children’s yoga classes and gymnastics in the past. Breath of Joy is an active breathing technique that includes whole body movement, and Bees Breath is a static posture with a calming effect.

Breath of Joy: Clasp hands together, reach arms forward and overhead as you inhale. On the exhale, release the clasp, bend knees and swing arms down to your side. Inhale to swing the arms up once again with hands clasped. Exhale, bend knees and swing arms between legs. Begin with slow movements and gradually move faster, letting out a big sigh with each exhale. You may find yourself smiling, laughing, or overcome with a sense of joy! Let it be free! This is a great way to begin practice.

Bees Breath: Place your index fingers on your triages (little flap of your ear). Take a deep breath in, and make a buzzing sound as you exhale, like you’re saying the word “buzz” with a very long zzzzzz at the end. Closing eyes will deepen the effect going inward. This is a great way to block out any external distractions, and is wonderful to both energize and calm. Use during anytime of your practice.


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