Give Yourself 3 Days

Like doing too much at once, sometimes I feel like I’m not really achieving anything, or living life to it’s full potential. When you struggle to find balance, or yourself in the hustle, a back-to-basics-rehab, or a health retreat seems like an attractive idea. I especially like the idea of a getaway; a health retreat can be super expensive and quite honestly, I don’t have the ability to “leave” my environment as a new mom. So, in struggling to find myself again, I pulled up a document I wrote years ago. 5 years ago to be exact, I wrote put together a 3-day detox ebook, gathering information, recipes and rituals from different approaches to bring to life a 3-day RETREAT… AT HOME! I knew this would be handy some day! I took Easter break, a full week to write this. I couldn’t get a way from the computer. I fell in love with the idea, and I’m beyond pumped up to do this now. I’ll share some exerpts from the ebook. And, if you’d like to try it yourself, I can email you the PDF for $5 (etransfer or PayPal) to $5 is a stupid latte. lol, even if you don’t give it your all, there are lots of detox recipes, strategies and rituals you can implement on a daily or weekly basis. Enjoy!

“By juicing alone, Pamela’s cleanse includes only carbohydrates and does not include the other macronutrients of healthy fats and protein. Although there are ample benefits from juicing alone, I am always coming to this detoxification process after being active, with a lot of muscles mass on my body; I am always hungry and I don not wish to ‘muscle-waste’. Therefore, I have added some healthy fats and small amount of protein, and transformed the preparation component of JUICING to BLENDING to give you additional vitamins, minerals and fibre from fruits and vegetables. I have kept the ritual’s, meditations, breath work and yoga and have added a couple of my own touches;”

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.08.39 AM

“ADD MEDITATION, GENTLE EXERCISE, AND RITUAL, AND MAGIC HAPPENS Although raw, organic smoothies is the cornerstone of the detox program, this program is more than just a food detox. It is a comprehensive program offering special meditations, gentle exercises, and comforting rituals, all of which support and magnify the process of detoxification. This is a three-day retreat—a health spa for the mind, the body, and the spirit. Three days to turn the outside world off and turn in to yourself. It is a time for deep surrender and self-acceptance. A time to be fed, be cared for, and be healed. It’s a time to get healthy and to get connected. A time to grow, to get strong, and to get balanced. It’s a time to get smart, to get serious, and to get going with your life—the kind of life you’ve always needed and wanted. People often go to spas or retreats for long weekends so that they can get motivated about dieting or decision-making. That’s great, but frequently when they return from these places and enter their own worlds they lose what they’ve learned. I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to have everything you learn from this program to keep for the rest of your life. And your own home is the place where you want to feel better for the rest of your life. That’s why I think it’s better to start this journey at home.”

“OTHER NO-NO ITEM’S For at least day 1 of your detox, stay away from:
‘Work’ related things, including literature and assignments”

Morning skin-brushing
Hot water and lemon
Probiotic supplementation
Morning bath
Morning smoothie: Pineapple-papaya-strawberry”

… Think about it 🙂


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