Wellness & Weight Loss for College Students

Nutrition Tips

  • At college, you need to make sure you are drinking enough water. Also, drink water instead of energy drinks and alcohol, as these drinks are high in both calories and carbohydrates. Even if they are “lite,” they still aren’t healthy for you. Aim for at least 64 oz. of water a day, or drink enough water that you never feel thirsty.
  • Keep an eye on your serving sizes at every meal. Once slice of pizza won’t compromise your weight loss efforts. Three slices might. Even something healthier like whole wheat pasta can sabotage your efforts if you eat too many servings!
  • Try to avoid late night snacking or snacking when you are stressed. At these times, you are more likely to eat a bag of chips as opposed to a handful of almonds or a yogurt. Have snacks (that you enjoy) prepared so that you settle for an unhealthy option. Popcorn, yogurt, almonds, pretzels, hummus, baby carrots and dark chocolate are just a few suggestions for healthy, filling snacks.
  • Save calories by skipping night snacks. Arrange your program so that you take your last meal at least 3 hours before bed time, after that try not to eat or drink anything (besides water). This will give enough time to your body digest the food and store less fat to the reserves.
  • Fruits are beneficial for weight loss and performance. You already know that fruits and vegetables are important for weight loss. They are full of fiber and have limited amount of calories, fats and sugars. Fiber can keep you full for a long time and away from other unhealthy snacks. In addition fruits will enforce your memory and give you the energy required to cope with the demands of studying.
  • College life can mean a lot of drinking. But it doesn’t have to. You can still join your friends at the bar without consuming an entire keg of beer. Liquor has fewer calories than beer or wine does. Vodka sodas with lime (made with seltzer or soda water, not tonic) have 60 calories a piece. Enjoy a cold class of water or club soda in between each drink and you’ll cut back even more!

Fitness & Lifestyle Tips

  • Use your gym! You have already paid towards using it in your student fees, so use it! The Energy Centre also has a free walking track and group fitness classes; these are great ways to meet new people and lose weight. In addition, you can join a club sport or intramural team as a way to stay in shape and make new friends that share your interests.
  • Walk! It burns calories, improves your heart health, helps you digest better, and reduces stress. And it’s the most convenient form of exercise out there.
  • Exercise in the morning is more effective. This of course implies that you wake up early and take advantage of the morning. It is a scientific fact that if you exercise in the morning as soon as you wake up (with an empty stomach) you will have better results. This is because the body will need energy and will find it from the storage (calorie and fat). If you can do it for a couple of weeks you will get used to it and appreciate how effective it is. You do not have to spend hours working out, 10-15 minutes of cardio exercises (walking, running, aerobics, cycling, etc) is enough.
  • Take advantage of a strange schedule. Having a weird schedule with early mornings, late nights and naps in the afternoon can take its toll. But if you make it work for you, it can aid in your weight loss. Use that weird block of time on a random Thursday to hit the gym. Wide awake at midnight? Find a good yoga DVD to do in your room.
  • Stretch in your chair. While waiting for class to start do a couple feel-good stretches.

15 Things to Cook in a Microwave!

  1. Quesadillas. Easy, cheesy. Lay a tortilla down, sprinkle some cheese on it, microwave. Add salsa if you’re feeling extra fancy.
  2. Microwave dinners. They can be the diet kind, the healthy kind, the made-for-large-appetite kind. And they can be tasty.
  3. Baked potatoes. Grab a potato. Wash it. Poke it a few times with a fork. Wrap it in a paper towel. Microwave it for a few minutes. You’ll know it’s done when you can easily poke the fork past the center.
  4. Popcorn. Perfect for a movie or a late-night study session.
  5. Oatmeal. Perfect for breakfast or a post-workout snack. Add brown sugar, dried fruit, and/or nuts — all of which you can keep on a shelf in your room — for some extra punch.
  6. Soup. Possibly one of the easiest things to microwave. Make sure to read the label, though, and see if you’re supposed to add water.
  7. Frozen veggies. Feel like a healthy pick-me-up? Grab a bag of frozen veggies — whatever you like — and toss them in a bowl with a little bit of water. Microwave until they’re hot.
  8. Poached eggs. These sometimes require a special microwave egg poacher, but you can easily find them at the grocery store or a place like Target or Walmart.
  9. Bacon. Grab a plate, put down several paper towels, lay down a few strips of bacon, and cook until done. Added bonus: the paper towels absorb most of the fattening grease.
  10. Scrambled eggs. Cracking some eggs, putting them in a bowl, mixing with a fork, and cooking (sometimes mixing while cooking) is easier than you think. And feel free to throw in some of that bacon you also cooked, too, for some extra pizazz.
  11. Rice. Several companies make rice that you can microwave in a bag. It can be tasty on its own (with butter, veggies, soy sauce, milk and cinnamon, or even canned chicken) or as an addition to that leftover Chinese food you have from the other night.
  12. Beans. A can of refried beans along with some cheese and tortillas can make a tasty, filling snack or meal. Additionally, baked beans can be a great side with
  13. Fresh veggies in steam bags. Many grocery stores offer things like green beans that you can cook right in the bag. Make sure the bag says its okay to do so, though, before trying it.
  14. Tuna melt. Make some tuna (tuna + mayonnaise = tuna), sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on it, and … voila! Tuna melt. You can easily transfer it to a piece of bread or use crackers to gobble it up, too.
  15. Mashed potatoes. If you’re craving comfort food, grab some instant mashed potatoes. They’re usually by the rice in the grocery store and can easily be made in a microwave. Add salt, pepper, and lots of butter for a nice big bowl o’ happy.



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