My Kind of Meal Plan

I decided a month ago that I was going to do a bikini competition with 3 of my clients. I haven’t always embraced body composition-type competitions, but I do believe that I can do this properly by taking enough time (20 weeks) and then to reverse train/diet after the show I can avoid metabolic damage. And, let’s face it- bikini competitions are popular right now in fitness, and this IS my job; just like every other fad that’s come out, I learn best by experience. I’ll talk a little about how I planned out my diet thus far to be prepare for my actual start in January.

I have studied and received certification for nutrition for weight management and sports nutrition. I’ve been around for lots of different types of popular diet trends. There are so many ways you can get to one single goal, and one thing might work great for one person- and terribly for another. For me, I’m a creature of habit. So I will calculate my nutrition requirements, and pretty well stick to the same meals for breakfast and lunch most days, and switch it up at dinner- which is shared with my husband and baby.

I used to have to pull out my calculator and tally up my shit, but now, there’s an app. for that! AND If you haven’t heard of IIFYM “If It Fits Your Macros,” or, in other words, flexible dieting – this site calculate’s everything for you- better than most app’s.

So I figured out my daily intake macro’s. Now what. This is part that is the most confusing. I could take all my numbers and divide them up into meals. I could then figure out the foods that match these macros and eat the exact same thing every meal in fear of messing it up. Or, I could calculate the macro’s for over 50 different meals so I don’t have to think in the moment, or I could do all the thinking in the moment when I know what I want to eat… So still, there is still a lot of meal planning that goes along with knowing your macro’s.

Because I have decided to have a different dinner each day, and enjoy myself when I want to, I’m following the “flexible dieting” principles. This doesn’t mean that I can reach for cookies and burgers all day and every day. It means that I can incorporate a few treats into my week. In other words, if I’ve filled my body with a good balance of complex carbs, fibre, healthy fats, and lean proteins throughout the day, and I still have a few carbs left in my macronutrient breakdown, then sure, I’ll enjoy an Oreo or two. To me, IIFYM makes it possible to enjoy a sweet treat here and there without going all-out crazy with a huge cheat meal because I’ve been depriving myself for weeks and weeks. It’s going to be crucial in my success as a competitor, because if I had to stick to a constant diet of [insert protein source/carb/vegetable here] for every meal, you’d quickly find me huddled in a corner, crying, all while shoving peanut butter into my mouth as fast as I could.

The downside to IIFYM can be constantly planning, weighing and tracking your food intake, but I actually don’t mind this. It forces me to meal prep. and pack my lunches and snacks ahead of time, and I like that I have these food diaries to look back on and evaluate for myself, and my clients. It takes time to realize what type of macronutrient breakdown my body responds best to, and having the stats of what I’ve consumed is perfect to help me do that.

In preparation, I have been testing out some recipes, and even prepping lunches for the week. I have saved the nutritional information for the meals that I liked and can see myself eating regularly. I have gone ahead and calculated the nutritional information and portion size for meals that I can make for dinners with my family so that when the time comes, I simply have the input the meal into my online diary and not think about whether it fits or not. I think that easing into it will be my key to success. There are many things that do not happen overnight, this is especially true when it comes to embracing the right mind set and routine.

If you’re interested in the meals I’m trying, I’ve started sharing pictures and nutrition information on my Instagram account @powerkyleclaud

If you have any questions about how you can incorporate Flexible Dieting into your life with a “plan” email me at

Rice, Beef & Onion with beets and Breakfast Cocoa Balls


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