Counting Yo Damn Macros

Well, as you can tell by the title I’m not enthused with the fact that I’ll be tracking my every bite for the next 20 weeks. I made the decision to compete in both a powerlifting and bikini competition 2 weeks apart from each other in May 2016, and I’ve had a couple months to prepare. What I actually found the most tedious- is not the food prep. or the workouts themselves, but the damn macro counting!!! What I have to thank for having my head still screwed on tight is the fact that for the past 8 years of being a sports nutritionist and PT, I already have a large library of recipes, all broken down into their macronutrient profile! This saved me hours of food tracking since I can just punch in the recipe name and the nutritional information into my food tracking application ‘My Net Diary’. I just need to follow the recipes exactly, and portion them perfectly. What is tricky about counting macro’s is trying to be ~5g off your target everyday. I try not to stress to much on this, so if I’m 18g over in Protein one day, I do 2 things: 1. Make sure I’m under in Carb and Fat, and 2. Make sure that Protein is bang on or under the next. I try to look at my targets like an average over a couple days- this helps me chill, and does the body just the same. I found a little chart that shows the foods that cross-over in macronutrients, this is also when choosing foods initially becomes tough, because foods are not as black and white as Carb, Pro, Fat.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 7.02.51 AM

Then there is Fibre. That’s the only ‘other’ thing you have to track. It’s not as difficult to hit my fibre targets each day as I thought, but to make sure of it, I will share with you my most prized recipe, LOADED with fibre and protein. It is my breakfast recipe, Protein Pancakes. I cook up a ton of these and freeze them, when I’m ready to eat them, I pop them in the toaster or eat them just room temp.; I used to put peanut butter and jam on them, but now I add 8 dark chocolate chips to each (yes, 8, exactly 8… not more than 8!!! lol see how this can make you crazy?!)

Protein Pancake
Makes 1 Serving (2 cakes)
1 Serving = Cal 293 Pro 32 Carb 27 (17F) Fat 5.9
1 scoop ISO 94 protein powder (or any whey isolate)
2 tbsp (10g) quick oats
1/4 cup egg whites
1 tbsp Metamucil (pysillium supplement)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp water
Cinnamon to taste
1 tsp cooking oil
1. Preheat pan on medium, then add oil and let it heat up.
2. Dollop batter into little cakes, wait 60 seconds or until edges have browned, flip for another minute.




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