10 Weeks Out!

So here we are at 10 weeks out… The pictures represent how I am supposed to look in 10 weeks and how I look today. These are Fitness Models in the NPAA, the same girls who will be standing next to me on show day! I am getting really excited. I have planned everything already to the food I’m going to eat that day. And actually, the board behind me, has my checklist, training and meal plan on it to be right in my face and not tucked away in a binder. You can’t see it, but there is also one of those massive Cadbury Marvellous Creations Cookie and Nut Crunch bars hanging on there for me to ‘earn’ haha. It’s a feat in itself each time I talk myself out of eating it.

I’ll elaborate a little on what my week looks like, and what I have and haven’t been doing.

Everyday– IIFYM style eating, groceries on Saturdays, meal prep. on Sundays, same food everyday pretty well. With the exception of a cliff/quest bar or scoop of peanut butter on nights that I feel as though I need a little extra.

Monday– Back Squats 5 x 5 (usually around 175lbs)
– BB Hip Thrusts, Leg Abductions, Leg Extensions, Abs

Tuesday– Bench Press 3 x 3 (usually around 110lbs)
– Chest Flyes, Back Rows, Arms

Wednesday– Sumo Deadlifts 3 x 3 (usually around 200lbs)
– BB Good Mornings, Leg Curls, Lunges

Thursday– Front Squats 5 x 5 (usually around 65lbs, because my legs are dead)
– DB Shoulder Press, Incline Bench, Cable Face Pulls, Shoulder Raises

I have not been doing ANY cardio workouts. Dead serious. I warm-up with 10 minutes of jogging and I finish my workouts with 20 minutes of steady state walking on an incline. This of course is because I work a shit load and have a 14 month old infant, I just don’t have the time or energy. Luckily, because my macro’s are on point and I have lowered my carbs a tad more in the past week, this makes up for the cardio that I am not doing. With that said, I plan to do semi-fasted (w/ coffee, cream, bcaa’s) at 5:00am 2x week at 8 weeks out. At this point, I will also be doing a carb cycle until peak week; so for the next 2 weeks I am focused on building lean muscle mass.

I also have something to get off my chest. For no reason in particular… I have been a personal trainer for 10 years. My experience and education is super dynamic and hands-on. Because I am a ‘powerlifter’ doesn’t mean that I can’t train someone to run a marathon (which I have also done, but don’t consider myself a runner). I am doing this fitness competition to educate myself for the 5+ clients that are doing the same show as me- I learn everything by doing it, and I always go up and above to accommodate and give my clients the information that will make them successful. And! I have built my fitness model programming around powerlifting exercises; because they are amazing for putting on lean muscle mass! Everyone should be squatting and deadlifting, no matter what your goal.

I hope some of this information helps you if you’re planning to do a competition or get into any type of shape. I am here to help, just comment or email me. Keep doing your thing and stay true to you 🙂


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