Sharing Is Caring

Along with these random pictures from the week come a theme that bring it all together… Sharing! And Caring? Lol it rhymes so it must be.

This week I released 5 Ebooks which include EVERY recipe I’ve ever made, loved and shared with family, friends and clients. Over the past, oh probably 15 years, I kept a document/recipe book of all my favourite recipes from my Mom, neat cookbooks I’ve purchased, Paleo cookbooks, fitness magazines, online blogs, the Food network… Anytime I seen a recipe I liked, I’d save it. Then- I would make it- and only if I liked it, and the nutrition facts I would save it. So as much as I want to keep this book of ‘memories’ and hard work to myself, I can’t. What I’ve realized over the years as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist is simple: The information is out there. Anyone can type into Google “weight loss program” or “healthy banana bread” and be on their way, but, I am a PERSONAL trainer, and people like personalization 🙂 So. In these books you get all the foods that Claudia loves and approves, because I chose to share 😉

And then theres my 16 month old Son Kyle Junior (June) who is hilarious, and, he loves to share! He shares too much actually. No June, I don’t want your sticky cheese puff. No June, I don’t want your bottle of warm milk. No June… You get it. And so far, when other kids grab toys from him, he just grabs something else. I know this won’t last, but for now I will enjoy the things he does share, like his slobbery kisses.

He also likes to share the spotlight, or rather, steals it. I was taking my progress pictures on Sunday; as he was walking into the bathroom to grab the phone that was set on a self-timer, he got in the shot. It looks like he struck a pose, but I don’t remember him stopping. He must just walk with a strut, he will have to teach me that someday. And if you’re wondering about the star covering my bikini bottoms- I was having wardrobe malfunctions and had the back to high and the front too low. Kinks to work out before I stand in front of 500 people.

Anyhow! Off to my Spa job tonight. 4 weeks out and feeling good.



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