Hannah Competition Day

The big day has finally arrived for Hannah Stoutamyer! Today she graces the stage. My coaching journey with H began 10 weeks ago when I got a FB message from her asking for help. She lives in the US and got my name from my friend and figure competition client who is a travel agent; I try my best to promote myself but most of my business comes from client referrals- which is even better! Long story short, she had paid another online coach upfront a shit ton of money, and at 10 weeks out she hadn’t heard back from her in weeks! Her coach has vanished, owing her still so much phases in training, nutrition, supplementation, posing, peak week strategies and support! This wasn’t the first time that I’ve actually been reached out from people who this has happened to either. The thing about these situations is that I understand that they can’t now afford to pay my full coaching fee- so needless to say I help them out as much as I can because well, of course I would! With no time to lose, I had a look at what she was doing, and started her on a different program in both training and nutrition for the next phase in programming. Every week there was change, the consistency she had leading up to contacting me was the biggest advantage for us both in making changes moving forward.

Hannah continued on her program until we hit the 6 week our point and I decided to start her cut. This decision in timing is different for every athlete, some don’t start the cut until 2-4 weeks out! Bikini competitions are not “skinny girl” competitions. They are a test in feminism, posture, overall symmetry, the definition of muscles prominent in some areas more than others, and a low percent of body fat- but not so low that they are insanely vascular.

And even when you think you have the winning formula, judges are looking for something new every time. This May, I learnt that the criteria between a bikini and fitness competitor are so similar (in natural federations), if you look at the Top 5 in both divisions, it would be hard to pick out the bikini girls from the fitness ones. This sport has evolved so much that it is not enough to be a lean, cardio bunny to get you on stage and place, you have to lift those weights and have a plan.


As I write this now, Hannah has completed the first part of the competition, pre-judging and will return for finals this evening. Each show is different in this aspect, not all competitions, due to registration numbers will have everyone back for finals. It is at pre-judging where the results are truly determined. By the time you come back on stage for finals, they have decided the placing and it’s time to just be relaxed and have fun! Hannah was first in the call outs (comparisons) and they had her move to the middle- this is very promising as they were comparing her closely, most likely because she will place well. We shall see! I’ll come back with results…

WOO!!! 5th Place! First Show! Amazing!



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