Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts

DID YOU KNOW?  Broccoli sprouts are 10x – 100x higher in some cancer fighting compounds than the actual mature vegetable! And, provide un-comparable anti-aging properties compared to ANY other food.

It takes a bit of work and patience, but I feel like it was worth it and will continue this rinse and repeat habit for a while longer.

Instructions for Growing Broccoli sprouts:

  1. Add 2 tablespoons of broccoli sprouting seeds to a widemouthed quart jar.
  2. Cover with a few inches of filtered water and cap with the sprouting lid. I added a drop of lemon essential oil for anti-bacteria effect, it is insanely hot in my condo and microbes love it.
  3. Store in a warm, dark place overnight. I use a kitchen cabinet for this.
  4. The next morning, drain the liquid off and rinse with fresh water. Be sure to drain all the water off.
  5. Repeat this 3-4 times a day. Continue to store your seeds in a warm, dark place. After a few days, the seeds will start to break open and grow.
  6. Eventually, the sprouts will be an inch or so long and have yellow leaves. Now you can move the sprouts out into the sunlight.
  7. Continue to rinse them 3-4 times a day until the leaves are dark green. Now they are ready to eat!
  8. This whole process will take about a week. Patience is key!
  9. Once they are ready, replace the sprouting lid with a standard mason jar lid and store in the refrigerator, or pat dry and store in a ziplock bag with a paper towel.
  10. Serve on top of salads, stirred into soups, or blended into smoothies.

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