We Did Alright! đŸ„‡

So the dust has settled from Hannah’s Figure Competition; an off-season plus a 20 week prep. and the day was amongst us last Sunday. I don’t live in Maine (United States), so I streamed the show from my living room for the entire day, as if I was there. It was a LONG day! Hannah and I texted all day, about when to eat and how to physc. other girls out (lol), I told her to steal a girls shirt or cover-up like Arnold does to Mike Katz in Pumping Iron, but Hannah, being a sweetheart and soon-to-be champion just rocked her confidence and that was enough. She was full-face make-up and tan ready at 7:00am and girls in the elevator worried that they now were not going to be ready in time- un-planned physc. for the win.

Here are some prep dets for the curious:

Off-season: She lifted heavy with a powerlifting focus, ate a lot with monitored macros, mostly bro foods.

Prep. start: 20 weeks out. Same macros and foods basically everyday for 12 weeks. Changed training focus to bodybuilding (obviously), with a mix of barbells, dumbbells and machines. Cardio was all HITT circuits, that required no cardio equipment, and moderate intensity steady state for 3 hours a week.

Cut start, sorta: Added different exercises and rep schemes. More cardio. Meal plan edit.

Hard Cut start: 8 weeks out. Carb cycle. 1x High, 2x Medium, 2x Low days. More reps, more isolation. Added moderate intensity intervals, mixed in with current high intensity and steady state.

Peak week: Water loading strategy, and front loaded carbs, which I’m actually going to change to a backload next round (always learning!!). I programmed her with a morning meal of rice cake and peanut butter but she asked for pancakes, so I made that work. She had red wine 20mins before pumping up for stage, and, It worked well, but I’m going to change that to a vaso-dialting pre-workout. She snacked on chicken and cookies between stage times.

And the results! Hannah wins:
1st Novice Figure Short
1st Open Figure Short
1st Figure Overall
… Then was in a pose off for her PRO CARD!

We took 4 days off. And she competes again in 7 weeks. Stay Tuned!



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