ATP & Creatine

So a while back I wrote a blog on ATP, our bodies fuel for energy (here), and today I want to blog about what supplement you can take to give it a boost! So, here’s a little re-cap on ATP, which is energy stored in our muscles, once we start to lift:

  • ATP-PCr is the first to kick in, runs out quickly but it also regenerates quickly!
  • This energy system is available for the first 10-15 seconds of every one of your sets!
  • Once this system runs out of energy, your body needs more oxygen and you start breathing heavy. Once you rest and your breathing slows, (about 2 mins, aka your REST period) the ATP-PCr system is ready to get back into action.

Creatine and ATP-PCr

Unless you are new to the sport of strength training or living under a rock, you likely know that one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements available is creatine monohydrate. You may be wondering, what’s the ATP – Creatine connection?

Creatine is, in fact, one of the two most essential molecules in phosphocreatine. It’s the Brad in Brangelina.

So how does creatine benefit the ATP-PCr energy system?

While our bodies naturally make creatine from amino acids as well as from the meat we eat, an overwhelming amount of studies have shown that ingesting supplemental creatine increases overall uptake into the muscle.

However, we can only store and use so much creatine at a time, and exactly how much depends on who you are. People who are more active and have large amounts of muscle mass typically benefit from additional creatine than a less-active individual. The general guideline is that 3-5g of creatine supplementation per day is sufficient (too much and our bodies excrete the extra in our urine).

Why is this important?

Because the more creatine we store, the more phosphocreatine becomes available. The more phosphocreatine we can use, the more ATP we can make through the ATP-PCr energy system.

Remember, the more we can push the ATP-PCr energy system to be the dominating force behind our workouts means more explosive power with each repetition.

And explosive power means greater muscular gains.


  • Creatine Rocks. Take it.
  • Because the more creatine we store, the more phosphocreatine becomes available for the ATP-PCr energy system. Boom. Beast mode.

Gets some locally in Cold Lake @ Muscle Beach, or online GNC here


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