Carbs in Competition Prep.

We will call this girl Germany for the sake of my story-telling and her wanting to remain nameless ­čśë – and because she’s from Germany- how cool!

Sooo rewind 3 weeks ago, Germany and I decide that I’m going to prep. her for a Figure show, after her bikini show. A natural progression for a female bodybuilder who wants to stay in the sport and finds their style, or, body type.

To begin my┬áprogramming, I started to collect progress pictures and information about her current metabolism and nutrition plan. She revealed to me that she has Celiac disease and was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable. Her bikini coach only gave her macros, not a meal plan- so by looking at what she was eating I eliminated and replaced some of her foods choices. If the foods she was eating (even though they ‘fit’ her macros) were causing her inflammation and indigestion, she wasn’t efficiently using food for fuel, and therefore not getting nutrients down to a cellular level. That was a start.

Then it came time for her peak week (a week out from competition), I offered to have a look at her plan to make any suggestions/improvements. What I got from her, was obviously a cookie-sutter program. (..!)

This peak week sheet was a nice little packing list, dehydrating water method (starting with lots of water and going to none), and a ZERO carb meal┬áplan (that wasn’t macro calculated). Ew, kill me now.

Germany was feeling like shit, and looking flat; she had been starved (from carbs) for weeks so I decided to intervene. For the week, I backloaded her water, added salt, gave her a fitness regime and requested morning and evening pictures each day so I could monitor how she was reacting to make edits. If you were ever given a program and told to run with it- maybe you should keep running. A physique sport requires monitoring, and in peak week that monitoring is daily!

Here are some pictures to help explain my process:

FullSizeRender Picture taken 3 days apart.

First picture was morning Day 1, and picture 2 was morning Day 3. You’re probably thinking- she looks good to me! You’re right, you’re right, BUT in a competition, you don’t just want to look good, you kinda sorta want to win. Germany ate 200g carbs, mostly from fruit, for 2 days and this was the outcome. I had to see if she would respond well, because some people might “spill over” / bloat in the subcutaneous fat with too much glucose.

Day 4 & 5, we lowered carbs to 80g. Lots of water. And she got a tan.

These pictures were taken 5 days apart! DO you see the difference?! Look at those legs! So much more muscle diffusion now that they were full.

1. Carbs are life. Don’t be scared of them.
2. A bikini competition is not just a skinny girl competition, if you’re coach thinks so and is trying to take away your soul, then that sucks.
3. Maybe what Germany’s coach had planned worked for her when she competed, or programmed someone else. Unfortunately what works for 1 almost never works for another.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for! The dramatic conclusion, show day Pictures!




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