Peak Week Dehydration Method

Dehydration and sodium restriction are common practices during a peak week to a bodybuilding contest. There are 100 ways to skin the cat, and I’ve always used the drinking water loading method- as opposed to taking your drinking water away.

Why are we doing this anyway? Well, the thought is is that the “drier” you are, the tighter your skin is to your muscles so you can look as defined as possible. The point is to get all the water out from under your skin (between the skin and muscle) so that you don’t look bloated or watery and that brawn will pop with defined lines under those stage lights.

Many people might have normal to high water intake during a peak week but cut it off several days before the show and for sure the day of the show leaving them stupid thirsty. On top of that, they will deplete sodium a few days out as well with a high carb day. I will get to why this is a bad combo.

Here’s my deal.

During peak week, I will have my athletes drink excess water and keep sodium intake the same as it has been all prep. Peak week won’t look too much different than other weeks in their prep except I may give them a big carb day and decrease HIIT that week. But that is about it. It’s simple.

So how does this extra water method work?

Water itself is a diuretic. When intake is excessive, the body will do some extra work to flush water out to maintain homeostasis. Pair this with a nice high carb day at some point during peak week or continue with their moderate carb intake all week and those carbs will enter the muscle taking water along with it. Carbs cannot enter the muscle without water!!! This goes for show day too!

Now that you have muscles nice and full of water and glycogen, they now look full. Not flat. And, the extra water you are drinking is being flushed out of your system from extracellular spaces (under the skin- between the muscle and the skin) so now your skin will look tighter against your full muscles. BOOM. Very important concept for show day.

When you dehydrate water, the carbs cannot enter the muscle effectively and float around extra cellularly (under the skin) making you look soft and “watery.” These carbs have no where to go but float around like lost little puppies who have no home making you look like a marshmallow.

Now let’s add sodium depletion to that. Your body keeps sodium levels in a very tight range. A Harvard study done by Rogacz in 1990 eliminated sodium from his subjects diets. He found that sodium levels stayed the same in the blood stream but were non existent in the urine by day 6. The body very efficiently pulled sodium from any fluid circulating. What can also happen is the body will retain as much water as possible in an attempt to make sure it can pull any sodium at all left.

So what do you get from a carbed up, dehydrated, sodium depleted athlete? You get a flat, soft looking dude or dudette.

◦ high carbs + no water = flat muscles, loss of definition
◦ no water + no sodium = water retention, loss of definition
◦ water + regular sodium + carbs = full muscles, definition.

So keep in carbs, keep in water and keep in sodium. Your prep is the time to pay attention to what intake of water and carbs makes you look best. Especially for very lean athletes like figure, physique and bodybuilding divisions. Less lean bikini girls have more lee way when it comes to this. During your prep, you can take a refeed 1x per week to experiment with how many carbs make you look best and how many days after do you look the fullest and tightest.

What I will do with my athletes that are lean enough is about 4-6 weeks out, I will have them send me pics or just pay attention in the 1-3 days after a big refeed day to see which day they look the fullest and tightest (depending I may or may not deplete them of glycogen going into the test refeed). Water and sodium intake stays the same. Refeed days could be 150 more carbs than their average daily calorie intake. It could be, 200… It could be 500. It all depends on muscle mass and metabolism and if you are depleting them of glycogen in the days prior.

Say they look best 3 days after their refeed of 500 carbs. For a Saturday show, I would have my athlete carb up on 500 carbs on a Wednesday and increase water intake up to Friday night. On show day, their diet is normally around moderate carb intake, some fat and lower protein with normal water (3/4 gallon) including normal salt intake.

Also note that peak week is more like a taper week. It is not the time to lose those last few pounds or make drastic changes. You should be ready the week before peak week at least. During peak week, figure out which day you need to carb up, increase water from that day by an extra  ½  gallon. Nix the HIIT cardio after refeed and take a rest day the day before your show.

Peak Week Examples from Heather Owen

Figure Girl:

Week before peak week for comparison:
Daily: 140 P, 180 C, 35 F + 1 gallon water
◦ SUN:  Legs/abs- heavy
◦ MON: Pull- high rep + 4 HIIT
◦ TUE: Push- high rep
◦ WED: Legs/abs– high rep
◦ FRI:small refeed- 120 P, 275 C, 40 F Pull- heavy + 4 HIIT
◦ SAT: Push- heavy

Her peak week was this:
◦ SUN:  Legs/abs- heavy
◦ MON:s Pull HR* + 4 HIIT
◦ TUE: Push HR
◦ WED: Carb up day: 120P, 350C, 40F.  1.5 gal water.  Legs/abs HR  + 4 HIIT
◦ THUR: Pull , 1.5 gallon water.
◦ FRI: REST- 1.5 gallon water. relax, cut water off by 8pm, get all your water in by then.
◦ SAT: Show Day!!! 120 P, 210 C, 60 F.  3/4  gal water
*HR=High Rep

Bikini Girl:

Week before peak week for comparison:
140P, 45F
High: 140C, Med: 80C, Low: 50C
1 gallon water per day
◦ Low SUN: Rest
◦ High  MON: Pull + cardio
◦ Med TUE: Legs  + 9 intervals of HIIT
◦ Med- WED: yoga or trx + 40 min SS HR 130-140
◦ Med THUR: Push- 9 intervals of HIIT
◦  Low FRI: Legs + 40 min SS HR 130-140
◦ Low  SAT: Shoulders/back + 40 min SS HR 130-140
HR=heart rate

Her peak week was this:
140P, 45F,  Med: 80C, Low: 50C
High: 125P, 180C, 40F
1.5 gallons water Mon-Friday
◦ Low- SUN: Rest
◦ High-MON: Pull + HIIT at PC
◦ Med- TUE: Legs   + 30 min SS
◦ Med- WED: yoga or trx + 30 min SS
◦ Med- THUR: Push-light workout  + 30 min SS
◦ Med- FRI: rest day
◦ SAT: Show day! 90P, 106C, 60F. 1/2 gal water.
— Her cardio was a little less because she was really leaning out and I didn’t want her to keep dropping so I pulled a bit of cardio during peak week which is ideal so we don’t burn off all the glycogen which is why she has no HIIT this week.

Can you miss your peak?

Have you ever heard someone say they missed their peak and lost their show? That makes no sense. There is such a thing as understanding your physique, diet and metabolic rate and getting lean enough so that it actually matters. Your physique will change from day to day just by changing carb intake alone when you are lean enough.

If you understand your diet and program to write a peak week that is optimal for you, you can easily “peak” on the correct day for your show. And then do it again and again for the next few shows you do in that same season.

People “miss their peak” when they dehydrate, sodium deplete and then eat a ton of carbs or try to make drastic changes.

Keep it simple. Peak week is a week that looks similar to your other prep weeks with just a few tweaks. The most fail proof peak week plan is the bikini peak week above. Load early in the week, drink water, eat normal salt, stick to your diet and minimize the HIIT cardio.

So drink up buttercup!


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