Q&A with Hannah 6 Weeks Out

A fun little Q&A period with Figure Athlete Hannah Stoutamyer for TGIF! I decided to do this when she sent me a progress video, going through all the mandatory poses- and her back pose was just out of this world. Like BAM flared lats, big shoulders, booty poppin’- the entire package in an instant. Most Figure girls take a second or two to adjust the body by building up the pose- but not Hannah, as soon as she turns around and hits it, its ALL THERE. So when I asked how she does it in Q #3, I was hoping for a magic cue, or some posing secret from some underground posing coaching fairy. Nah. Perfection like that could only come from 1 thing, that 1 thing we could all do more often… Practice! Enjoy the read none the less, if there’s any take away from it, it’s that there are no shortcuts, or secretes to being great- Hannah is such an adorable human and I thank her for her time answering my Questions 🙂

1. How did you figure out (pun intended) that you wanted to move up into figure from bikini?
“I liked the fun aspect of bikini, but I loved lifting heavy and gaining size and balance more, especially in my back. I was stuck hiding my back away in bikini when it was kind of my pride and joy!
2. What is your favourite Figure pose?
“I prefer the back pose the most; I feel like it’s where my symmetry shines through.. and I have killer glutes… Who wouldn’t want to emphasize that?!”
3. What cues do you think of when hitting your back pose to make your back spread?
“My posing coach always said, “big back” in our sessions; so actually, after seeing my stage shots from this last show where i was pinching my back together and not going as wide as i would have liked, I tell myself “big back” again and again so I dont pinch!”
4. What is your favourite bro exercise?
“deadlifts for sure! except I want to improve my bench in the offseason.”
5. What is your fav. reseed/cheat meal that doesn’t make you feel like crap?
“hm… froyo. froyo for sure.. or spaghetti. honestly, anything super high carb but not covered in grease!”
6. Will you train differently leading up to your wedding?
“Ideally, my wedding would take place maybe a month after a prep.. otherwise, I probably wont “diet” or increase cardio levels for my wedding! Of course if im in the depths of a bulking season, I’ll consider shedding a few pounds for the big day, but otherwise, I’m keeping it all the same!”
7. How do you make meat proteins more fun to eat?
“seasonings and mustard!! right now i’m obsessed with smokehouse maple and chipotle bacon by grill mates.. and good ole dijon mustard; can’t go wrong.”
8. What’s next for Hannah after your next comp. in 6 weeks?
“I’ll be reverse dieting in order to gain minimal body fat while also improving muscle size. I’m estimating crawling slowly back up to 130-135lbs max in my improvement season.. And then hitting the stage again within the next year in the NPC!”
9. Do you use fat burners?
“I always start prep thinking I need one; but i don’t, so I haven’t really committed to trying one. I don’t use any banned substances, my organization is drug tested, so if anything, I may use a natural appetite suppressor; like cinnamon tabs!”
10. Whats you’re fav. song to train to?
“lol.. let’s not judge.. I get great lifts in to the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.. And the Newsies soundtrack.. And any Disney song ever.. I’m a theater/Disney nerd and if I can zone out listening to my favorite Lion King jams, I’m gonna!”


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