Gym Must Haves!

This is my personal legit, MUST haves for training. Even for just a basic gym routine you gotta have some stuff, and then there’s the must-have-wont-even-do-it-without-gear for Squatting, Benching and Deadlifting.

First, and foremost. Music! I just use my iPhone and the app. Spotify. I use these wireless headphones from Skullcandy. Wireless headphones can be pricey, and I loose my headphones too often to spend the bog bucks, so these are just right. When I don’t use the wireless ones, I have these Skullcandy pair, and I just roll up the wire around my phone and tuck it in my sports bra; but I always get reminded about the breast cancer danger of doing that- so I try not too as often. And the wireless headphones are perfect for benching or other athletic movements.


I will elaborate on each of my fav. items below when I have more time; for now click on the name below to be re-directed for more product info. and where to purchase 🙂

Knee Sleeves

Circle Resistance Band / Hip Circle

Inzer Powerlifting Belt

Minimal Shoe

Squat and Olympic Lifting Shoe

Inzer Bench Press Wrist Wraps

Nike Pro Compression Shorts

Waterbottle, Narrow-mouth


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