Apple Cider Vinegar for Athletes


Apple Cider Vinegar. You may have seen this substance praised before, but what does it do specifically for bodybuilders and high protein dieters? Mainly, it buffer an alkaline substance called Guanidine. The ACV contains Acetic Acid, and this helps regulate PH levels in the body. PH levels are different in parts of the body, but by consuming it in the stomach, we can better digest foods, absorb and access minerals (like potassium and calcium), and improve immune function. All of these benefits help bodybuilders and people in general from muscle cramps, fatigue and arthritic type pain. As for arthritis and it’s precursors, high alkaline levels are actually players in its existence. Alkaline levels increase with high protein, and high protein keto levels. If you’ve done these and felt “stiff” in your joints you know what I’m talking about! People have assumed that an alkaline body is good, acidic body is bad. But that’s not the case in every part of the body! When you hear that, it’s mostly being associated with blood ph. Acid is great for digestion, and digestion IS health. And to come back to ACV flushing Guanidine, which is an alkaline bi-product of protein metabolism. ACV both helps digest the proteins from your meal, and does the dishes lol (cleanses the bad stuff). Its cheap enough and readily available in stores, so why not add it in! Try 1-2 tbsp ACV in 1/3 cup water before each meal, or eat least your larger protein based ones.


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