Bikini Contest Prep. Weekly Blog

By Claudia Rozendal

Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to share with my blog followers the emails I sent out as a part of my “Prep. With Me” group who I emailed with bi-weekly updates and shared my diet & training programs with! I think it would be fun for me to post this now to reflect on as a whole story in one place, I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

*Show Date was March 20 2018*

December 2017 Start

There’s a little group of you that I am excited to update with this prep. journey! I know you know me, and are up to date with my social media, but as we all know- social media is a highlight reel- I don’t post my vulnerable stuff! I won’t be posting my weekly progress pictures, or *many* selfies- I’ll send some to you guys though 🙂

Everyone has their reasons for competing. Mine is strictly professional, honestly. I am brutal at following rules and bodybuilding has always been a passion of mine-but when it’s the main deal I find myself really missing performance (powerlifting… lifting heavy). I have been coaching figure/fitness/bikini/men’s bodybuilding for 5 years now, and we’ve got medals under our belts. I guess you could say I’m good at it 😉 but- I have yet to get on stage myself! I’ve been to tons of posing seminars, I have legit been podcasting/studying bodybuilding for 11 years, so I’ve already been around for so many trends and can disiffer the bullshit and make my own opinions on these topics. I’ve even gone through a 20 week prep. to end up on stage but got pregnant at 3 weeks out! I cried all day of the show- I wanted to be there so bad. I took away lots from that experience though and here I am doing it again!

12 weeks out starts Monday. Typically, I wouldn’t start people at 12 weeks out unless they’ve already been lifting regularly (2+ years) or are at a good body composition and have a healthy metabolism. I had Luca last year on Dec 22 and have been focused on diet for 6 months and have brought myself down to about 18% body fat with diet alone. TO compete in bikini you can be successful within a range of 8-15% BF. I maintained a good amount of skeletal muscle, so when I started back in the gym 2 months ago I was going to see how my body responded- and it looks like I should be good to compete in March with there I’m at now.

I like to be prepared. I made my diet and training program a month ahead of time to visualized myself actually doing it. Because it really takes me wanting something to follow rules haha. So I have all my supplements and groceries always ready, I never run out. No excuses.

I will register for the show when it opens mid-January, but I have already booked my tanning, make-up artist and suit maker! You’d think that would be motivation, but I still fucked out over Xmas haha. Starting Jan 1…

Thanks for following my journey! Use my programs as a guidelines for your own goals and to learn 🙂

FYI my macros are kind of low already as I mentioned. My stats are 117lbs – 5”3, but because I have been dieting all years to lose baby weight I’m kind of screwed as my metabolism is slowing down the more body fat I loose- thus having a lower set-point for calories. I hope it doesn’t slow down too much or I’ll be bound to a treadmilll- not fun. So I make sure to eat all my food and not to skip meals. I have to be consistent, my body has to trust me!

12 Weeks Out
Happy New Year!
Today is the first official day of prep.!

Last night I made it my job to eat any tempting food left in my house- including birthday cake that I saved from my sons birthday 2 weeks ago that was in the freezer… Not even in sight, but I KNEW it was there LOL.

Feeling optimistic since I’m only 1/2 through my first day. I switched out breakfast for a 2 egg vegetable omelette- a tad more fat but same calories. I’ll probably have some sort of egg breakfast on the weekends since I have time, and eggs are a great source of protein, especially when trying to add muscle to your frame.

Hmm what else. Oh my pictures. I am standing in the mandatory poses for my bikini category. I compared myself to 2 weeks ago and I added fat around my belly button over the holidays which is annoying, but I feel rested and fueled for the 12 week training marathon. I drink my creatine even on rest days in case you were wondering. Sleep is still non existent for more than 2 hours at a time once a night if I’m lucky! Some days I feel crazy doing this with a Now 1 and 3 year old but there’s probably never a GOOD time to do this…

Let’s see what kind of progress I can make this week when I actually follow the plan 100% !!!

Have a great day, set yourself up for success this year! Day by day 🙂

10 Weeks Out

Alright so about the meal plan. Protein goes up, carbs go down. Fats went up a little. Calories stay about the SAME! So remember when you think calories are the magic number, they aren’t. Protein is not an energy source like carbs and fats. So remember too, even you’re low carb- but have lot of fat in your diet, that doesn’t mean you’re going to loose (since ppl think low-carb equals weight loss). Or the Keto diet… Eating more fat to burn more fat, right? Only if your still in a calorie deficit and you have adequate protein. Whether you’re high carb or high fat- its really just a personally preference in the foods you like to eat. In my plans; I start with 60% carb, 40% fat for energy balance, especially in people who are active. So this week I lowered my energy balance, while increasing my protein for satiety. Also, while “cutting” fat I want to preserve the little muscle I have, and eating enough protein will ensure that happens. You”ll see in peak week soon enough how I deplete my carbs to tighten up (some carbs can cause water retention overall) buttt then show day I will eat some specific carbs in the form of glucose to fill the muscles to make them look full. Yes, they’re are different kind of carbs! I blogged about it on my site

Anyhow. Following the program that I sent out 2 weeks ago got me for progress. Like I thought- fat came off my stomach which is killer bees. What I have for muscle is starting to come through without a pump so thats good too. The change in macros should help keep things moving in the right direction this week. And I might walk more. And go tanning once.

As for progress pictures, you guys should be taking them! For yourselves! They are a great tool to study your own progress and learn about your own body. The scale sucks. If I went by the scale alone I’d be pissed, because my weight actually hasn’t changed since 2 weeks ago. I would of given up by now if it was all about weight loss- especially this early still in prep. It’s not that early but you knowww what I mean 😉

Have a KILLER 2 weeks guys! I’ll keep letting you know what the Tracked Meal Prep. Meals are and how you can incorporate them. This week I have the pancakes and the Chicken chilli (the chicken chilli in in my ebook ;)) from Kayla and those meals just felt fresh and exciting because I didn’t have to make them. So worth it. Almost makes me not want to cheat… I’m allowing myself a bit of leeway on the weekends, but not too much. I stick to my macros, I just find a way to make different meals fit.


Hi Everyone!

Luca took a stroll with my iPhone 6s and dropped it right into the toilet! So now I’m back to using my old iPhone and man is it slow and small haha. I can’t wait to pay off my $800 device balance to get the iPhone 10- because that’s probably what will be out when I’m ready LOL jk!

So peanut butter is officially out of my diet. I had planned to make a peanut ball recipe to include this week, but if I crack open the jar of PB for a recipe, I will eat it with a spoon. Its the only thing I’ll allow myself to eat when I’m still hungry- but I really should be having more carbohydrate. 1, because my muscles need the glucose the next morning (my intensity in the gym is brutal) and 2, peanut butter backs me up! I was super regular in the beginning, and now that peanut butter has a hold on my existence, not so much. So! My snacks 8 week out will be a banana-protein smoothie, sugar-free jell-o and Reese’s puff cereal, and that will be super yummy! Cant wait for Monday!

I really liked the macros on the crepe I was eating, but since it was just kind of weird looking, I just decided to allow myself the flour to make a more sturdy pancake or waffle for the next 2 weeks. This would be a better pancake, but I just got a waffle maker so I’m using it!

Dinner is a sunless burger for sure this time. I prep these and heres how:
I buy the bulk size of extra lean ground beef from No Frills, a medium white onion, head of garlic, Worcester sauce, salt and pep. And thyme, because I seen it and threw it in.
1. Preheat the oven to 350.
2. In a food processor, I chopped up the onion into fine shreds, then added about 5 cloves of garlic to blend. Then I took that and put it in a large pot to mix in the beef and spices with my hands.
3. Make LARGE ASS patties, like the size of your hands. They shrink 50% of the size you put them in as.
4. Bake for 25 mins.
5. Bag for the week.

Training is the same, and will be until Peak Week.

The tickets for the show went up for sale and I already bought 2 more my husband and Mother-In-Law, they are SO loud, I will know where they are and they will for sure make it easy to smile when I’m up there!

I’ll send my progress pics in the AM… Talk again soooooooon!


I have time to break where I’m at a little more today!

First of all, I don’t want to be a negative Nancy, but progress isn’t always linear, this week I took a little downward dip, but I know it will get back up. Progress from far is a straight line “up”, but zoom in and you’ll see lots of ups and downs. This week I was just HUNGRY. And 60 physically hungry and 40 emotionally. Kids were sick, I don’t sleep well, I craved sugar big time. I ate 2 containers of full fat (14g per serving) Greek yogurt. Like so much of it. It’s so good. And I did it 2 nights in a row at 12 or 2 am. But myself in the living room. That made it taste even better LOL. And yesterday I started my period. Even thought I’m dieting, my time of the month is still very consistent, and very brutal! Like common!

When I walk theres still giggly fat, so I gotta tighten my shit up. I did good with my cardio last week actually- and that does explain the hunger. Thats actually WHY I don’t program my girls too much cardio, and I take away calories from the meal plan before I add cardio (another version of taking away calories). Or a combo of both. And eventually, like for myself now- I can’t take much more away (or I don’t want to) so I have to just do all the cardios.

I forget if I told you guys last week, but I have to order new shoes last min! I learned that the stage shoes I had for NPAA comp. was too high in the platform, wait, as I type this I can remember tell you. Anyway I got new shoes with less platform, I can’t wait to get them this week and get my routine down. It’s pretty “down” but I can’t wait to actually feel balanced and STRIKE a pose! Rather than thinking about how I can’t trip, don’t trip, ahhh.

I tanned twice so far. But Im taking a break as I don’t want to be too dark either. I’ll probably go do 5 mins of stand up tanning this week.

I started packing my suitcase already! I might do a YouTUbe vid on what I bring closer to the show!!! I got my pee cups from the gas station (well the windshield washer fluid plastic funnel cups that I use as pee cups ;)) They are very useful the night before the show, when you have a fresh spray tan and the pee that splashed up from the bowl could totally botch your tan!

Also, for peak week, I’ll need a LOT of Spring Water. I water load with spring water, not tap, not distilled. So as I go to the store, I grad a 4L jug each time to build my stores. I will send you all a peak plan that you can manage into your life, thats not so intense, but is a great way to peak up for a Saturday nigh hot date or event, or photoshoot or what have you.

My athletes have a reseed day in 2 weeks, once they are a tad leaner. It is a test for me to see how much carbohydrate they can absorb into their muscles to make them look full on stage. I don like to guess here, I test it. Some coaches just do the same ass thing with everyone, and just assume peoples carb tolerances- not I!

Anyway, Juniors chicken nuggets are ready! Time for breaky!

Good Morning!

4 Weeks Out! And trying not to freak out 😉 I feel ready, and I wish it was tomorrow already! Especially since this week Im starting to really struggle. I mean, it’s still manageable, there are just moments in the day when I’m like “ woah Claud, check yourself” over little things, mostly at home with my children LOL.

I’ve attached my 4 Weeks Out carb cycle. And again, like always, this is the MINIMUM that I will eat, I always, and I mean ALWAYS, double up on peanut butter. Peanut butter almost taste sweet to me right now, but is satisfying because of the fat content, aka lipids. When you’re body becomes leaner than it’s comfort zone, leptin (released by the pancreas) will decrease, sending a signal of hunger. Leptin is then secreted to give the feeling of satiety if a) your body senses lipids in the stomach (me eating peanut butter) or b) Leptin is realized from your bodies own lipid stores (“fatter” people” should technically always be “satisfied” — That’s a whole other top though ;))
Also, peanut butter does not give a significant rise in insulin when consumed. Insulin is also secreted by the pancreas, typically when we eat protein or carb sources- and when it is present in the blood, it is virtually impossible to burn fat- -but it is good for building muscle- so the lower the insulin spike the better (which is why you should eat fat with your meals for satiety, and lower insulin spike). The quicker the insulin goes down, the quicker you can start burning fat. This is also why, I do not snack between meals. Even if it’s carrots or a protein shake- they will both increase insulin, and take me out of fat burning, which at 4 weeks out is a NO THANK YOU. But if I was in maintenance of building phase, nooo problem! This bring me to Intermittent Fasting, for the reasons above, I am incorporating IT for 16 hours per night, typically 7:30pm tp 11:30am, only having coffee and 1 tsp 18% cream before I break the fast with a HUGE smoothie (I’m adding peanut butter in it, I have not accounted for that in the document yet). And I have to have a portable breakfast, since I’m usually personal training/working at breakfast time.

I’m going to go take my progress pictures now to attach! I feel leaner, but GUESS WHAT. I gained a 1lbs last week. Whatever though, unless it goes up again this week I know I’m doing the right thing, and IT should take it into the next gear, I’m hoping for some sweet results in this carb cycle. Stay tuned! (I will be carb cycling for 3 weeks until peak week)

3 Weeks Out

Thank you guys so much for supporting me and “prepping with me”.

No lies, this had been a tough week. Physically, and mentally. I’m recovering like crap, even though my protein is super high. Probably because amino acids enter the cells easier with insulin, and there’s not an abundance of that being secreted because of the lowww carb. Who knows at this point though, I do still train f*cking hard. I sleep decent, probably just as good as anyone on prep. I wake up because my baby still cries every 2-3 hours, but many athletes that I’ve coached are up just as often throughout the night because of sleeplessness, hunger, gotta pee, etc. But this week was hard for just a lot of reasons, more than prep., so I was just down and out on my own time- not really showing it as much as I could. I still want to give out the illusion that “I’ve got this” lol- which I do- I mean I AM doing the best I can. I know that no matter what at this point, however I look on show day will be an accomplishment, and mores than how I look, the fact that I actually made it to stage! I made it past my last prep., when it was 3 weeks out and I found out I was pregnant with Luca! So yay! Just bloating this week, no baby! Haha.

I’m also very impatient at home. So its for sure that you should NOT take this type of comp. on if you don’t have the support at home, or around you. Speaking of around me, I’m lucky enough to have a boss who just let me take March off to prep., because I just can’t work right now. I know, sounds ridiculous. But I have a second job (bookkeeping for a retail company) and I just can’t think right now, and I just need those days to prep. food and take a nap., before I pick up the kids from daycare. Just legit plugging away these last couple of weeks!

Today at 3 weeks out I started taking a supplement called “Water Tight” and I will cycle it for a week now, take a week off, and then final cycle on peak week. This will help me get all the water out between the fat and muscle in my body. And overtime, which is better than acute (less stress on da body).

So I have attached a peak week that is applicable to you guys, to give you something you can actually use! My peak week is pretty close to the same, I’m just taking creatine the same as I have all prep. These macros are what I’m doing (115lbs 5”3) so adjust yours accordingly picking a high carb/low carb deal (high carb in red, low carb in purple). This peak week would be great of you have a photoshoot, wedding, or event you want to look bomb for!

I think I’m going to be all done sending my weekly recaps as nothing will change in my training, carb cycle and now you have peak week. My progress pics were gross this week so I’m not even documenting them (lol) 🙂

SO! I guess we shall see the final result! I will document everything on my Instagram story. And pics of course! @powerkyleclaud


2 thoughts on “Bikini Contest Prep. Weekly Blog

  1. Wow! Great post about your bikini comp. I know many people that do these types of competitions. It takes a lot of dedication & hardwork to be to set a goal & stick with it. I wish you luck for your next comp!


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