ATP & Creatine

So a while back I wrote a blog on ATP, our bodies fuel for energy (here), and today I want to blog about what supplement you can take to give it a boost! So, here’s a little re-cap on ATP, which is energy stored in our muscles, once we start to lift: ATP-PCr is the … More ATP & Creatine

Starvation Mode

Weight loss is generally seen as a positive thing. It can bring improved health, better looks and all sorts of benefits, both physical and mental. However, your brain doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Your brain is more worried about keeping you from starving, making sure that you (and your genes) survive. When you lose a lot … More Starvation Mode

10 Weeks Out!

So here we are at 10 weeks out… The pictures represent how I am supposed to look in 10 weeks and how I look today. These are Fitness Models in the NPAA, the same girls who will be standing next to me on show day! I am getting really excited. I have planned everything already … More 10 Weeks Out!

Training Finishers

Here’s three little anaerobic cardio finishers I use to top off a strength training session for endurance and fat burn purposes 🙂 Shoulder Burner Circuit 20 seconds burpees 10 seconds plank (rest) 20 seconds inchworm 10 seconds plank (rest) 20 seconds mountain climbers 10 seconds plank (rest) 20 seconds push-ups 10 seconds plank (rest) Repeat x2 … More Training Finishers