3 Protein Pancakes

I like to enjoy my pancakes just like cookies; I make a ton, freeze them, and when ready- I pop them in the toaster and eat as is 🙂 Here’s 3 of my latest favs from my Breakfast Ebook! Oatmeal Banana Protein Pancake Makes 8 4″ little cakes 1 cake = Cal 118 Pro 8 Carb … More 3 Protein Pancakes

Starvation Mode

Weight loss is generally seen as a positive thing. It can bring improved health, better looks and all sorts of benefits, both physical and mental. However, your brain doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Your brain is more worried about keeping you from starving, making sure that you (and your genes) survive. When you lose a lot … More Starvation Mode

Early Start to Mind & Body Wellness + 2 Breathing Exercises

While I am enjoying every breathing moment with my baby, I eagerly await the day when we can walk together, talk together and do yoga togethr! Yes- yoga!  Developing a yoga program for children that is fun, inclusive, and has a balance of physical movement and mental and emotional awareness will encourage children to fall … More Early Start to Mind & Body Wellness + 2 Breathing Exercises

Superset Workout

It’s nice out, you’re busy, but still need a way to sneak in a pump… Supersets are sweet for getting in lots of volume, in all muscles groups, in a short amount of time. Count it in as cardio as well because of the little to no rest 😉 Between sets of: Chinups Do this … More Superset Workout