Macro Wizard Ebook

Although I’m pretty wizard-like with macros- I’m not with creating an online store for my pdf documents. To buy this ebook you’ll have to send an etransfer or use PayPal to and in the message let me know what ebook(s) you’ll be buying! Or for you fancy Kindle users! My Ebook is available on Amazon!

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$19.98 CAD

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Length: 104 pages

Product Description

This Ebook is a collection of recipes that I have used in meal plans for my athletes. Overall, they are healthy and high in protein. With a massive table of contents to browse through, you can easy find your recipe. Once you find what you’re into, you’ll find the recipe straight forward, with no extra story or description- just the goods: Serving size, ingredients, instructions and macronutrient profile. Most recipes even give brand information from which the macros were calculated from. If you calculate your macros, this Ebook is a MUST! With recipes like these, you won’t feel like your tracking at all! To make it even easier, if you’re using a track app or website, just add in the recipe and its nutritional information (macros) as a “New Food” to make tracking them even easier! If you’re just getting into trying healthier recipes and want to learn more about what macronutrients are in your food, then this Ebook will be a great tool in learning.