Exercise Exchange

Here’s a list for exercises that you can exchange IF needed. The exercises in your program are there to tailor your goals so exchange only if a) the machine you need is being used b) you are bored and need a change on that particular day to keep up the motivation 😉



Variations: body weightBBDB, narrow (quads), wide (glutes)

Weighted (Kettlebell shown)) Dumbbell, Med-ball, Barbell) Box/Bench Close-stance Squat

Banded Hip/Knee Warm-up 1

Banded Bounce Squat

Cable Sissy Squats

Chair squat

Front Squat  / clean grip

Hack squat / machine  or BB

Overhead squat

Goblet squat

Split squat with back leg on bench

Frog hops

Horizontal Leg Press (compound)- narrow, neutral or wide

Lunges- (compound) Bodyweight Forward, Bodyweight ReverseBBDB

Walking lunges

Single leg alternating lunges forward step or reverse step

DB side lunge

Alternating step ups – DBBB

Leg extensions– single leg and double leg. This exercise can be especially hard on the knees.

Side-lying leg abductions, side kick, leg circles


Standing calf raises bodyweightmachineDBBBsmith machine,

Leg press or hack-squat machine calf raises

Seated calf raises – DBBBmachine

Glutes & Hams

Stiff leg deadlifts – DBBBkettlebellsingle leg DB, single leg KB, deficit

Conventional Deadlift – DB, KBBB

Snatch Conventional deadlift – BB

Sumo Deadlift DB, KB, BB, deficit

Romanian Deadlift, Plate

Leg Curls – cableDB, machine: seated or lying downswiss ball

Cable Kick backs

Cable kickbacks

Lunges BBDB

Walking lunges

Single leg alternating lunges forward step or reverse step

DB side lunge

Smith machine lunges, reverse lungewith high knee

Split squat- DBBB, smith machine

Sliding Leg Curls w/ Towels or Paper Plates

Sumo squat- BW, DB, kettle bell

Good mornings

Cable pull through

Bosu Frog Hip Extensions/Lifts

Lying hip raise (feet on floorfeet on swiss ball, single leg)

Reverse hip raise– with or without swiss ball

Donkey kicks

Barbell Hip Thrust BB w/ back bench, stability ball bodyweight, BB w/ stability ball, Smith machine

Glute kickbacks

Glute bridge hamstring walkouts

Glute bridge – BB

Single-leg glute bridge

Reverse hyperextensions Or this version

Alternating dumbbell step ups

Side step ups with DB

Split squat

Frog pump

Frog squat

Leg Abduction Machine, with Pulse Reps,  with Hover

Glute-ham raise- floormachine

Box jumps

Flutter kicks off bench

Hurdle Hops

Swiss ball frog curl and raise

Knee tuck jump

Prowler sprint

Side-lying Leg Abduction (outter thigh)

Side-lying Leg Adduction (inner thigh)



Lat Pulldowns overhand grip, wide, neutral, narrow grip)

Reverse grip pulldown

Standing lat pushdown

Bent Over Barbell Rows – prone or reverse grip

Seated Cable Rows –wide, narrow, neutral grip

Single arm dumbbell rows

Incline bench DB rows

Cable face pull

Inverted row, aka horizontal pull ups (feet on floor or up on bench)

Pullover Machine

Cable pullover– incline or decline

Dumbbell Pullover

Back extensions

Pull-Ups – weighted, wide and neutral overhand grip


Scapula retraction

Jumping Pull-up

Banded knee pull-up

Vertical row

T-bar row




Bicep Curls DBBBEZ bar (close grip), Cable Rope, Cable Straight Bar, Against Wall 😉

Preacher Curls (barDBcable, alternating, single armmachine)

Seated Incline DB Curls

Hammer DB curlsAlternate hammer curlsCrossbody hammer DB hammer curls

Concentration Curls


Flat Bench Press BB or DB

Incline Bench Press BB or DB

Decline DB Bench Press
Decline BB Bench Press

Dips– chest version

Flyes – cableDB, flat, incline, decline

Pec Dec

Cable Crossovers

TRX Chest Press


In order of increasing difficulty: wall push-up, at-home incline (counter/chair), modified, incline, push-up, stacked feet, decline, feet/shins on swiss ball, single leg decline, hands on bosu ball, hands on swiss ball)

Also try: wide hands and close hands or with suspension bands

33 push-up variations

Medicine ball throws


Dumbbell Shoulder Press Seated, Single-Arm, Standing

Lying Cable Shoulder Press

Overhead Press – BBmodified

Downward Dog shoulder press

Alternating DB press

Inverted shoulder press

Arnold Press Seated, Standing

Cable face pull

Upright Row, Cable Straight-BarDBnarrow gripwide grip

Single arm linear jammer or double arm

Alternating DB lateral raise, front raise, upright row

Middle deltoids

Lateral Raise- DB or cable

Single-arm side DB lateral raise

Front deltoids

Front Raise- DBBBcable, plate
Overhead front raise w/ plate

Rear deltoids

Rear Delt Flyes- DBcable, machine

Rear delt cable crossover

Rear delt BB row

TRX High Row


Close grip push-up

Close-grip Bench Press

Skull crushers –DB or BB flat, incline

Seated overhead tricep extension – DB or Ez bar , one armed

Cable overhead tricep extension

Cable Pressdown with Straight Bar, Rope, Reverse-Grip, Single-Arm

Cable Rope Press Facing Away

Decline Triceps Extension

Dips  (compound)

Bench dips

Kickbacks- DBlow cable


Shrugs- CableDBBB


Wrist Curls (forearms resting on legs or a bench)- BBDBlow cable

Reverse Wrist Curls- BB, DB

Wrist Roller 

Farmers Walk with BB – DB, Trap Bar, KB


Bosu Decline Crunch

Bosu Crunch to Standing

1/2 Roll Down

Leg Press Abs

Heel Drop

Bent Knee or Straight Leg Raises – weighted, bent knees, holding dumbbell between feet

Butterfly Sit-ups

Sit-ups flat, decline

Crunches – machine, swiss ball, machine weighted

Rope Cable Crunch

Plank – Incline, decline, kneeling, T-stabilization, twisting hip dip

Side plank – Up and down

Bicycle crunches

Captains chair knee/leg raise

Plank jack


Tuck crunch

Jacknife sit-up

Seated leg tucks

Russian twist lvl 1, Russian twist lvl 2 – weighted with ball or plate  with feet elevated

Bird Dog

Mountain climbers – slow, fast

Swiss ball jackknife

Swiss ball pike

Swiss-ball rollout from knees, from plank

Prone cobra

Wood chop- kneeling, half kneeling, standing

Kneeling stability reverse wood chop


In & Out with Plate

In & Out

Vertical leg crunch

Reverse crunch –  on floor or bench with weight

Flutter kicks

Hanging Leg Raises- lower abs

Hanging knee raise

Straight leg raise

Leg lifts

Alternating toe reach

Lying single-leg extension

Single-leg Crunch w/ Barbell

Dynamic Core

Swiss ball pass- legs to hands

Standing knee raise with light dumbbell

Kettlebell Windmill Low, High


Side plank, side plank lifts

Plank Alternating Toe Touches

Back Extension Machine Crossover

Oblique V-up

Oblique Toe Reach

Alternating Heel Touches

Cable Rotation

Hanging Oblique Knee Raises

Standing Knee Raise Oblique Crunch

Full Body

Kettlebell Swing


Sprawl, Sprawl frog jump

Bent side knee plank with kickback, Side plank, Side plank with roll, knee plank, plank

Burpee level 1, level 2, level 3 (standard), Burpee with bench

High knees marching in place

Modified jumping jack, Jumping jack