ATP & Creatine

So a while back I wrote a blog on ATP, our bodies fuel for energy (here), and today I want to blog about what supplement you can take to give it a boost! So, here’s a little re-cap on ATP, which is energy stored in our muscles, once we start to lift: ATP-PCr is the … More ATP & Creatine

Bulletproof Coffee = Butter In Your Coffee

What is Bulletproof Coffee? In a nutshell, what makes this coffee “bulletproof” is putting butter in your morning cup of joe. Yes, I just said butter. In a cup of coffee. Putting butter in coffee recently became trendy when Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey coined the term Bulletproof Coffee® after a trip to Tibet where he … More Bulletproof Coffee = Butter In Your Coffee

Basic Supplements

Here are my recommended supplements for the intermediate/advanced gym go-er or competitive athlete: Protein Powder There are three types of whey protein: concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. Whey protein is derived from whey, a natural by-product of cheese making. Highly digestible. Ideally consumed before, during or after workouts. Concentrate: 50-90% protein, slower to digest. Great for … More Basic Supplements